Blitz Borgs

Evil alien cyborgs from Anticoria used in Season Three and also serve as the quinary antagonists of that season. They are stored in small capsules and grow incredibly large. There are about a dozen Blitz Borgs, including the Soldier Blitz Borg, the Ice Ripper Blitz Borg, the Spy Blitz Borg and the Compactor Blitz Borg.


They first appeared in the first episode of season 3 when the Anticorians threw capsules at the guardians which then transformed into the Blitz Borgs. They are seen a lot in season 3 as they are used as minions of Sudden Death and the Anticorians.


  • They can suck the power of the guardians but due to their new suits, now they can't.
  • they were originally created by Lord Zaktu.
  • They are the new and improved Blitz botz.
  • They are able to take orders on their own without Sudden Death having to control them with a monitor and or a panel.