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Wild Card
Blitz Bots
Ricky Cervantes (formerly)
Sudden Death (formerly)
The Guardians
Anticorians (formerly)
Blitz Borgs (formerly)


Ish Taylor
Ash Reynolds
Marty Stevens
Tua Tupola
Ricky Cervantes
Troy Kang
Sudden Death

Powers and abilities

Energy blasts
Enhanced durability

First appearance

Lions, Texans, and Turkeys, oh my!

Latest Appearance

The Final Betrayal

Voiced by

Jesse Corti

Drop Kick aka Side Kick, was a robot built by Dr. Richard Zimmer to help him with his experiments and take care of Warren Zimmer. He was then working for Wild Card to steal the megacores and rebuild the Blitz Botz after they had been deactivated. He then worked for Sudden Death to steal the core with Wild Card. He starts off as the quaternary antagonist of the third season and becomes the true secondary antagonist, as the third seasons true secondary villian. He was destroyed once and for all when he attempted to steal the core, though this may not be the end of Dropkick.

He is voiced by Jesse Corti.


Drop Kick was originally known as sidekick and worked for Dr. Zimmer. He was jealous of Warren Zimmer and during the experiment to create the first guardian messed with the calculations resulting in Dr. Zimmer being vaporized and Warren being stuck in his suit. Years later, he plotted against Warren after years of abuse and betrayed him. He was defeted by Wildcard and the Guardians and later retrieved by the Guardians in order to calculate the power of the 32 MEGACORES and overload Wild card. Rz 6.0 then said he would re-program dropkick while figuring out how to restore Ish's power.

As of season 3 episode 1 Dropkick awaits dismantling indicating reprograming once again failed.

In season 3 episode 10, Stellaria was walking into a hallway that led to a door where the dismantled Dropkick was found, saying her boss has 'big plans' for him.


  • He was created by Dr, Zimmer.
  • He was able to trick Wild card into thinking that his father R.Z. Was responsible for him having to wear a containment suit
  • He was secretly against wild card until the final episodes of season 2 when he commenced his plans.
  • He was destroyed in the last episode of season 3, but it isn't the end of him.