Ricky Cervantes



A tough Mexican-American kid with an even tougher, more competitive dad. Ricky is rough on the outside and can be sarcastic and blunt. But he proves to be a loyal and dedicated friend and is noticed having a close bond with Ash. He is one the main characters of seasons 2 and 3.

He is voiced by Nicolas Roye.


He first appears in the 3rd episode of season 2 where he meets Ish and Ash after Ash missed the kick. His second appereance is in the try outs for Canton's 'Punt, Pass, and Kick' competition, that's where he began his rivalry with Ish. He appears in the mystery guardian where his father is desperate because he thinks his son needs better practice with football, wild card comes (in a disguise) and offers him to be his coach, to which his dad agrees. He later reveals himself to ricky and gives him a copy of the guardians watch and then becomes the "mystery guardian". Under the control of wild card, he begins attacking the stadiums trying to steal the Megacores and eventually Knocks out all of the guardians with a special gas. He eventually breaks free of wild card's control and helps defeat him. R.Z then recruits him as the new guardian, but ish has a hard time excepting this, but he does by the end of the season. Ricky like the rest of the guardians gets a new suit to defeat Sudden Death's new Blitz Borgs and the Anticorians. They eventually beat them and banish them inside a black hole, but it is revealed that he escaped.


He seems to act sarcastic and tough at times but he is actually nice. He is shown to be a loyal member of the guardians and a good friend.


  • He is the QB of the the rival Youth Tackle Football team, the Tigers.
  • He was once under the control of R.Z's son.
  • He is the latest guardian R.Z has recruited.
  • He and Ish have a friendly rivalry.
  • His favorite team is the Arizona Cardinals.

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