Sudden Death's minion

Voiced by

Nika Futterman

Stellaria is a Sleek, ninja-like Anticorian female. Smart, savvy, and athletic, she possesses the ability to conjure the power of wind to battle her enemy. She is voiced by Nika Futterman.


Not much is known about her other that she works for Sudden Death and is one of the most wanted criminals in the galaxy.


She is a cruel and intelligent Anticorian. There are times when she is also shown to act attractive to fool her enemies.


  • Air Manipulation: She is shown to be able to manipulate the wind.
  • Enhanced strength: like all other Anticorians, her armor enhances her strength.
  • Enhanced speed: Her armor enhances her speed.
  • Enhanced agility: She is very agile.
  • Enhanced durability: She is able to endure physical injury due to her armor.
  • Laser blasts: like all Anticorians, due to her armor she is able to shoot lasers.


  • She is the first of the Anticorians to show her real face multiple times throughout the third season.
  • She is one of the most wanted criminals in the galaxy.
  • If her voice sounds familiar, its because she is voiced by Nika Flutterman who voiced Asajj (a-sa-ge) Ventress on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and she also voices Ash.

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