Sudden Death
Sudden death


Unknown Alien Species




Super Villain


Stellaria (formerly)
Angkoro (formerly)
Zich (formerly)
Wild Card (formerly)
Drop Kick (formerly)
Blitz Borgs


Ish Taylor
Ash Reynolds
Marty Stevens
Tua Tupola
Ricky Cervantes
Troy Kang
Ricky Cervantes

Powers and abilities

Energy cannon blasts
Super strength
Enhanced durability
Minor teleportation

First appearance

A Hero is grounded

Voiced by

Mathew Mercer

Sudden Death is an intergalactic warlord and the main antagonist of seasons 1 and 3. He is voiced by Mathew Mercer.


Trying to steal the coreEdit

He was first revealed (by a Rusher) trying to steal the Core in the Rusherz home world and later destroyed it, but before Sudden Death could steal it, they split the Core into shards and sent them to Earth. The Anticorians home world was severely damaged as a result. They blamed the Rusherz for what happened, so they allied themselves with Sudden Death.

Coming to earthEdit

He first arrived trying to find and steal the Core so that he could take over the galaxy, so he sent his minions, known as Blitz Botz, to steal them from each stadium, but Ish as his robot counterpart defeated him. He later has various attempts at stealing the Core, but they all fail. He then put a spell on Ash (after learning that she was rejected from being a Guardian) and then made her steal the shards. His plan almost worked as he kidnapped Ish and his mom, but Ash broke free of his spell and helped defeat Sudden Death in the final battle to save the core. He was presumed dead.


It is revealed he survived the explosion and returns in a more cybernetic form and is shown to be allied with the Anticorians to return and exact his revenge on Earth and steal the core. His minions later captured Ish and he put a spell on him to follow his command, but he eventually broke free of it an returned the Megacores to their rightful place.


He is shown to be ruthless and cunning as he planned for the invasion of Earth. He also is shown to be cruel as he was going to kill Ish.


  • He was the first villain ish fought.
  • He managed to trick the Anticorians into thinking that the rusherz were responsible for the damage that they cause Anticoria.
  • He was finally defeated in the Last Episode of Season 3.

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