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Football player Student Guardian


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First appearance

Lions, Texans, and turkey oh my

Latest appearance

The final betrayal

Tua is a guardian and a main character in rush zone season of the guardians and unleashed. An 11 year old Samoan-American and from a family that is completely into football. He’s the muscle and heart of the team.

He is voiced by Ogie Banks.


He was born in Samoa and was brought in the United States when he was young. He eventually met Ish, Marty and Troy at their school, and Ish introduced them to Ash. He was later chosen by R.Z to be guardian after defending a Megacore from a blitzbot who was trying to steal it for Wild card.


Tua is a boy of few words, people sometimes underestimate his intelligence, but he is actually very smart. He’s warm, caring, insightful, thoughtful, and a straight shooter. He can be shy and a little insecure, but don’t get him mad – he’s a fierce fighter and a terrific football player. He’s laid-back and easy-going, but being a Guardian teaches him the importance of practice and persistence.


  • He was born in Samoa.
  • His entire family are football enthusiastics.
  • He isn't very intelligent.
  • His favorite team are the Chicago bears.

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