Zich is both the technical brains and brawn behind the Anticorians. He speaks only in grunts but the Anticorians have no problem understanding him. He is voiced by Liam O'Brian.


Not much is known about him other that he works for Sudden Death and is a loyal member of the Anticorians.


  • Enhanced strength: He is the most muscular of the Anticorian group.
  • Enhanced durability: He is shown to be able to endure physical injury because of his armor.
  • Enhanced intelligence: Although it doesn't look like it, he is actually very smart as he is able to build advanced machines.
  • Teleportation: through a device he has in his armor, he is able to teleport.
  • laser blasts: like all of his group mates, he is able to shoot lasers through a device in his armor


  • He is very intelligent
  • He rarely speaks
  • He is one of the most wanted criminals in the galaxy

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